When a good product can create a category

Comodynes: from the make-up remover napkin to practical cosmetics

There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide.

Comodynes was conceived as a make-up remover napkin developed by Dermofarm laboratories. Its function consisted of providing the facial make-up removing process with functionality and convenience; an awkward function that is often performed at inconvenient times. The great contribution made by Comodynes make-up remover napkin involved concentrating in a single operation (skin cleansing) and in a single product format (impregnate napkin) the three necessary functions for the make-up removing process: cleansing, moisturizing and toning.

To the functional novelty, Dermofarm added a product name evocative of the function with a strong semantic appeal (Comodynes) and a surprising and unusual product individual package format. (individual packages in a flowpack)

The market response was astonishing, the product was quickly introduced to fill perfumery distribution shelves, sales were spectacular and consequently, the cosmetic laboratories’ answer was: The format and the product (‘Comodynes’) have become a standard adopted by most cosmetic brands.

From this phenomenon on, Dermofarm has been able to leave the success of make-up remover napkins aside, beyond the purpose they had when they were created; from the abstraction of qualities, a new category of cosmetic products was built and developed, in answer to the qualities of success acknowledged by the market: Comodynes; a line of functional and convenient cosmetics, which are unisex and come in individual packages and amazing formats.

Functional and convenient: Designed for specific moments and situations. Instant liftings, quick tans, quick and intense moisturizing, etc.

Unisex: For men and women with a young and active spirit. Invisible (it can be used and applied at any moment).

In individual packages: Of a single use, in some cases for him and for her. Cosmetics expire quickly and the typical formats are excessive, many cosmetic products expire before their useful lives end.

Amazing formats: Using materials, packaging and graphic technologies beyond the sector’s traditional standards. Flow packs used in the snacks sector, individual packages used for product samples, moisturizing ‘creams’ in solid sticks to change an excessively ‘female’ gesticulation for men, etc.

Once the category had sufficient grounds and products were commercially successful in the market, Dermofarm faced the challenge of keeping the category alive with new products different from the ones conceived within the existing knowledge scope of the laboratory; with this purpose it requested Loop| Business Innovation to make two strategic contributions to expand and keep the category alive with new topics and formats (‘Loop as an innovation driving force’) and to keep the differentiation and positioning in distribution shelves that had been achieved by such an original launch by means of product displaying and dosing strategies according to the category positioning and differentiation.

Dermofarm and Loop have established a long-term dynamics of searching, identification, assessment and development of proposals to be translated into new products that had the specific DNA of the category: Loop Innovation driving force.

This service was focused on detecting opportunities that could keep the surprise and dynamics of the original products launched by the laboratory, based on a recurrent service, with presentations of new concepts periodically arranged in the calendar, contrasted with trends, consumption habits and with enough strength to encourage the company’s turnover growth.

This service was expressed by rendering concepts, presenting analogies, defining features and characteristics, defining competitive (direct and indirect) products and finally, dimensioning the market.

The second line of collaboration established was based on keeping the differentiation and features of Comodynes line in distribution shelves, differentiating distribution in pharmacy and parapharmacy from distribution in the perfumery and cosmetic sector. With this purpose, we have focused on developing supporting strategies that would produce added value, market intelligence and that would represent the characteristics and features of the line to its fullest extent.



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