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One of the attitudes that define retailers consists of constantly thinking about products and services which can give satisfaction and solution to their target clients’ needs. On the basis of this pattern of action, the launching cadence of new proposals is usually higher than that of products launched by companies without direct access to the channel. A clear objective of the retail involves keeping its client in a continuous state of offer and surprise, without leaving the scope for which it is legitimized by its position in the market and the ‘space’ it occupies in the consumer’s mind. With this goal, the search for new topics, categories or ‘opportunity territories’ within the retailer’s legitimacy territory becomes essential for growth. Another competitiveness parameter of this industry is the profitability per square metre of its shops; therefore it is essential that the offered product mix provides the client with the highest perceived value within the scope of his/her purchasing power. The mix of products and services making up an offer is usually structured upon ‘purchasing units’ linked directly to economic total amounts (e.g. 5 €, 20 €, 50 € offers, etc.) and their incentives: Supplying, impulsive, gifts and calendar dates purchase (Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day, seasons, etc.).

This equation of profitability, product and assigned space complements itself with actions that increase movement in shops (number of people who enter the premises), average ticket value (final value of items purchased by a consumer in one entrance to the shop) and degree of completion of the consumer (number of times a client enters the shop per month). The combination of these parameters in comparison with more structural ones (e.g. the location of shops) will provide the final piece of information about sales increase and profitability per square metre of the premises. One of the best strategies to detect new opportunities, to increase the perceived value and provide legitimacy consists of co branding actions of brands recognized by the consumer: As a result of fusing together the specific DNA of each brand, a new one arises, a legitimate one to which the consumer gives a high level of credibility and this one turns out to be hard to be attacked by competitors. The Cortefiel Group, one of our retail clients, did not order one of these actions for its women’s lingerie and underwear leader brand, Women´s Secret.

Women’s Secret 

It is obvious to say that women’s lingerie shops are basically a space in which most of the public is made up of women who consider shops as a space thought out to meet their needs, where they can be at ease in an environment of reliability, comfort and motivation between shop assistants and clients themselves. This space of reliability and motivation from ‘woman to woman’ and the direct relationship existing in categories of intimate lingerie led us to make the observation that it constituted an ideal space to propose a category based on products for the sexual intercourse, conceived and thought out for women, in which they could express themselves in confidence, motivate one another, without shrillness and a category that could provide women with leadership in the sexual intercourse with their couples. A space of products for the sexual intercourse, thought out for women. With this purpose, we have suggested the creation of a ‘hot secret’ category that could join the intimate lingerie where Women’s Secret occupies a position of legitimacy and leadership, with products, accessories and complements planned to facilitate and improve the couple’s sexual intercourse; in this section legitimacy is provided with a co branding action with Durex company, world leader in prophylaxis and owner of the Durex Play category. Products provided by both companies complemented with others from third parties which provided the category with critical mass and expanded it to new territories beyond lingerie or products and gels such as intimate imitation jewellery, perfumes, atmosphere creation, thematic gifts, etc.



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