How to reposition a classic? “El Casco”

9 Apr 2011 icoAnálisis de casos
el casco

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects.  They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture. The fact…

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Redefining a retail model: Imaginarium

10 Mar 2011 icoAnálisis de casos
Imaginarium copy

When we participated in the redefinition of the strategy of the well-known toy retailer Imaginarium, the first thing we did was define an opportunity ‘umbrella’ that would broaden the company’s field of action. With this purpose and after carrying out several processes of analysis of the existing knowledge of its structures (Knowledge Stock), contrasting them…

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Hot Secret

4 Mar 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

One of the attitudes that define retailers consists of constantly thinking about products and services which can give satisfaction and solution to their target clients’ needs. On the basis of this pattern of action, the launching cadence of new proposals is usually higher than that of products launched by companies without direct access to the…

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When a good product can create a category

24 Feb 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide. Comodynes was conceived as a make-up remover napkin developed by Dermofarm laboratories. Its function consisted of providing the facial make-up removing…

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Create usage experiences within the banking branches

19 Feb 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket, customer’s loyalty and establishing a multi-channel experience with him. Increase the traffic, as the concept indicates, consists on more people…

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Marcilla: Mixing tradition and innovation

18 Feb 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

 Sometimes, the great innovations that appear in the market, managed to set new consumption fashions that do not respond to the previously established habits nor to the consumers’ tradition but, despite their conceptual force, they managed to commercially succeed. A clear example of this, is the coffee and the triumph of the mono-doses concept. Regarding…

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From mass consumption codes to the small electrical appliance and cosmetics

5 Feb 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

Our homes are swamped by offers of new products; the borderline between naturalizing their consumption and turning them into a single-use gadget is weak and very thin. The success attained by the fact that this type of products may not turn into a fast and fleeting consumption gadget depends on its holistic conceptualization:  Treating the…

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Alfa Seam new category and Next sewing machines series

27 Jan 2011 icoAnálisis de casos

Sewing has come into fashion | Basque Newspaper’s Comment There are some products that form part of our lives’ imaginary and that have a great evoking power; one of them, w ithout doubt, is “the sewing machine” and within its brands, Alfa is the most important one; the advertising spots are still sounding, today Alfa…

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Sintal, how to diversify a SME’s product?

4 Dec 2010 icoAnálisis de casos

Sintal is a SME located in the locality of Estella (Navarra), the company initiated its activity making television antennas: the typical ones that covered the houses’ tile roofs and conformed many cities and localities’ landscape. In response to the TV antennas market, Sintal equipped itself with a productive and technological structure based on a cold…

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FollowMe 3×3

26 Nov 2010 icoAnálisis de casos

  There are stereotyped and consolidated products within our society and consumption habits that have become a referral in our lives. This is a great competitive advantage for these products’ survival since they are naturalized at the consumption moment, but at the same time they enormously condition their evolution. It is difficult for them to…

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