How to reposition a classic? “El Casco”

el casco

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects.  They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture. The fact that most of these products...

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The 3 most popular threads in the history of this blog

20 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos

Hello everybody, thru this post I want to tell you about the 3 most popular threads in the history of this blog.

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The creation of a collaboration platform among companies

13 Nov 10 icoAnálisis de casos

Loop’s activity is focused mainly on providing services to the private industry; just on a few occasions we have done projects for public entities or for the public administration. The project suggested by Ceei de Alcoy in collaboration with Ceei de Alicante y Elche constituted one of the few exceptions to the previous rule as a result of the quality...

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Ecosite de Ausa, from product to service


AUSA, (Automóviles Utilitarios S.L.U,) industrial car manufacturer and world leader in the sector of construction equipment (off road dumpers and forklift trucks), is a company with a long tradition in the industrial and innovation world, which has an outstanding and deep commitment to R&D topics, where it invests 5.5 % of its sales. AUSA used to be a primarily industrial...

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Roberto Verino, redefining the value and the opportunity territory of a brand

El modisto Roberto Verino empezó su andadura profesional en 1982, presentando su primera colección prêt-á-porter, en 1983 abrió su primera tienda en París y en 1992 abrió la primera en Madrid, significando el inicio de su expansión. Actualmente Roberto Verino es una de las firmas de moda más relevantes de España, opera en más de 20 países y su marca está ampliamente diversificada.

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TAU, S3 (Smart, Surface, System). New model

19 Jul 10 icoAnálisis de casos

Tau Cerámica (Taulell, S. A) is a leader company in the manufacturing and distribution of pieces of pottery located in Castellón, it is well known specially as a result of its focus on innovative and advanced products as well as the sports sponsorship developed with Basket Basconia and in competitive sailing. Tau Cerámica stands out because of its leadership position...

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